interior design 

senior project preview.

on the roof.

is an adaptive reuse project. Chosen building is a five-level Spiral Garage 7 in downtown Fresno, CA. Proposed design is a community park on the rooftop and a fitness center on the level below. Spaces on the rooftop include a playground, a basketball court, a café, dining/lounge area, vegetable garden, reflection spaces & a fitness center on the level below.


Main mission is to provide a safe and healthy environment to local community members; and to offer an escape from predominant urban footprint through nature-rich & immersive outdoor experiences.

Theories of social sustainability, wellness & biomimicry are at the forefront of design.

Due to COVID-19 increased alienation, proposed design serves as a bridge between individuals regardless of skin color, religious beliefs or socio-economic status, uniting and restoring personal sense of belonging & health to our communities. 



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